5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest

As a business owner or marketeer, you may have heard many people talk about the wonders of Pinterest and how it can increase your sales. I’m sure you are asking yourself how exactly using Pinterest and having a board full of images can possibly help to promote any growth for your business. And this is exactly what I will explain to you today.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online platform which allows users to add a collection of images, aka “pins” to a board which can be searched for in the search bar and seen by followers. A company with an active Pinterest account can add a ‘Pin It’ tab to their website, which will allow users to ‘pin’ the active image on the site to their own Pinterest board.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest 

1. See it, Like it, Buy it

This social network converts leads into sales much faster than any other social media site. When users browse Pinterest, they are more likely to buy a liked pin, than they are to buy from a ‘favourited’ tweet or a liked Facebook post. This high conversion rate of leads to sales is definitely the one of the clear advantages of Pinterest.

2. It’s not needy

Pinterest is unlike many other social media sites. You do not need to be looking after it every hour or even every day. You may post a photo on your account from time to time, but in the long run, you can spend a minimum amount of time looking after the account and simply let your customers and other Pinterest users do the work for you.

3. Images speak louder than words

Using Pinterest is ideal for any company that relies on being highly visually aesthetic. You want to ensure that each page of your website has an image which is of high quality and is likable. Think of images that your customers would like to share with their friends. This could be a holiday they wish to go to, or a new kitchen idea, a dress they would love to have, graphic designers work that they think is great or a dream car. Either way, whatever it is you are selling, ensure that you have likeable pictures that will sell without having to say anything.

4. High Referral Rate

Pinterest has the second highest referral rate from a social media site. With a 66.52% growth in web traffic referrals, Pinterest drives twice the website referral rate of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined!  All your “Pins” will be linked back to your product page or website, so when someone clicks on the image they are directed back to the page you wish them to see, e.g. the checkout page.

5. User Engagement

Pinterest is a highly addictive site, with users spending more time browsing pins than they do tweeting or updating their LinkedIn.

So have fun with it, get your camera out, take some pictures and join the wonderful world of Pinterest.

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