Google Adwords: 12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Adwords

12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Adwords

I’ve just come back from a meeting with a group of entrepreneurs all looking to grow their business in 2014. Many of them want to grow their business quickly and as a result they are looking at a wide range of marketing tools and channels including email marketing, direct mail, networking, referral schemes, social media marketing and blogging. We managed to brainstorm well over 20 ways to build leads, prospects and sales.

As the PPC expert in the room, I was asked “Why is Google Adwords a great tool for growing your business?” I gave a fairly concise answer so here I am an hour later writing a blog to answer that very question.

I am in absolutely no doubt at all that for the vast majority of companies, Google Adwords can make a real difference. If you want to generate leads and sales for your business, Google Adwords can be a key source.

Here are 12 reasons why Google Adwords is worth implementing if you want to grow your business:

  1. It is instant – You can be on page 1 of Google quickly and certainly much quicker than via SEO (Search Engine Optimisaton)
  2. It’s targeted – You can reach people when they are searching Google for exactly what you offer – whether your customer is an individual or another business.
  3. It provides leads and sales – If the searcher is looking for what you have to offer, they will be more likely to convert – assuming you have a good landing page and offer.
  4. Geographic targeting is easy – You can choose where your advert appears – local, town, county, country, etc. It is great for local campaigns as well as niche sectors.
  5. Reach a big audience and easily scalable – You will be potentially reaching 88% of searchers in the UK. This is Google’s current market share and although it has dropped it is still massive.
  6. Reach an even wider audience – You can use Google Display Network to reach a wider audience.
  7. Pay for results – You only pay when someone clicks on your advert and goes through to your website.
  8. Cap your spending – You can set a daily budget so you know your maximum spend for the month and there is no minimum spend required. You can also decide on the maximum you are prepared to pay for a click.
  9. Scientific and measurable – You can track everything, test, refine, optimise and improve your campaigns. Tracking means that you have a return on investment figure which you can improve over time.
  10. Flexible – You can switch your campaigns on and off very easily. If you have too many leads, you can pause campaigns. You can also cancel or stop using Adwords if you want.
  11. Integrates with other activity – Adwords can complement your other marketing activity. Include Adwords campaigns for new product or service launches as well as promotions you may be running. Follow up on leads with telemarketing and email marketing.
  12. Helps with SEO – You can use Google Adwords to help identify the key phrases you should be targeting for SEO purposes. What are the high volume key phrases? What are the phrases that actually lead to sales or leads? Find this out with Adwords and make sure you use the information when developing your SEO strategy.

I’m sure there are lots of other reasons to use Google Adwords. Can you think of some others?

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By Jackie Key
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