11 Tips For Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Open Rates

Email Subject Lines – Helping you increase open rates

It is all too easy to send out the wrong kind of email – the one that defaults to the JUNK folder or simply gets deleted, marked ‘unimportant’ by the reader. As we highlighted in the last blog post, ‘Top Ten Tips For Email Marketing Success’, the task of the subject line of any email you send is to persuade the recipient to open it.

This article will give you ten tips for including relevant and interesting email subject lines that are guaranteed to increase email opening rates.

1. Avoid using overzealous phrases like CLICK HERE or URGENT. Spam filters detect these and automatically put them into the junk folder.

2. Never put your email subject header into all capital letters. It’s very off putting and will likely ensure your email never gets looked at.

2. Know your potential customers. If you are selling a product or promoting a business that will benefit them, make sure you mention this in your email subject heading. If you want to inform prospective clients about a new item you are selling? Simple – tell them exactly what your email relates to.

3. Try to use a different subject header each time you send out an email.

4. Keep it short and informative. Ideally, your email subject header will be less than 50 characters.

5. Where possible, make reference to your clients’ local area. Not only has this been proven to increase open rates, it also helps to avoid your email defaulting to the SPAM folder.

6. Avoid exclamation marks!!! Not only do SPAM filters easily detect these kind of emails, they are also proven to lessen the effectiveness of having your email read by your intended recipient. Remember that the exclamation mark suggests shouting and no one wants to be shouted at.

7. Even if you are informing your clients about an excellent offer, never include the words SALE or DISCOUNT into your email subject line. It’s guaranteed to make readers click DELETE.

8. Don’t think that your email subject line has to grab attention. It doesn’t. Email opening rates are not based on how creative or sales orientated the header is. It’s all about keeping it simple and informative. If you can answer the question “What’s in it for me?” you email is more likely to be opened.

9. Don’t think your email subject should be an advert. It isn’t. The purpose is to inform the reader about the content inside. If the content is well thought through and relevant to the audience then the subject line will encourage them to read on.

10. Consider framing your subject line as a relevant question. Statistically, these kinds of emails are more likely to be opened because they arouse the curiosity of the reader. Ever wondered what the secret to successful email marketing is? You get our point.

11. Split test subject lines where you can. Most, if not all, email software packages provide the option of split testing your subject line so you can test two subject lines on a sample of your database and then send the top performing one to the rest of your database.

The great thing about email marketing is that you can test, refine and learn. Email marketing software often provides excellent reporting on open rates, clicks and more so it makes sense to review this information on a regular basis and learn from each emailing you complete.

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