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Prepare your eCommerce self, the holidays are coming.

As all retailers prepare for the peak trading times, we tell you why you should be optimising your Product Listing ads to get the most sales this season.

It’s never too early to prepare yourself for the biggest spending season of all, and with black Friday being one of the biggest drivers of online sales, it pays to spend time ensuring your eCommerce product listings are up to scratch. In fact, Google Data shows that £1.23bn was spent on Black Friday in retail stores online in 2016, that’s a 12% increase year on year.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in the lead up to Christmas sales you should be looking back over past trends and reviewing your inventory. This is the perfect time for you to tier your campaigns into clearance and bestselling products, enabling you to clear out your warehouse of old stock.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all about slashing prices, do your research in advance and if you don’t offer a lower than competitor price what else can you promote? Bundle deals and discount codes can also attract sales and repeat customers.

Don’t forget to optimise your adverts, text optimisation on shopping feeds can often be missed but has a huge part to play in attracting visitors to your site, the more relevant your title and description is to the search term the more likely you are to convert.

With the countdown to Christmas just beginning people are already starting to plan ahead. In Q4 of 2016 over half of Google Searches were using mobile devices to research online, this year looking at current trends we expect to see this increase to over 60%, so you need to ensure that your websites are mobile friendly and mobile targeting is key to your marketing strategy.

If you haven’t already, you need to think about your strategy now.  Setting up a Black Friday AdWords campaign can boost sales whilst driving new visitors to your website, and remember Black Friday is no longer a day, but a whole week starting from 24th November incorporating Cyber Monday on 27th November.

Percentage Spending On Black Friday Graph

In summary, the key points to focus on are:

  • Analyse your historical data and spot trends which can help
  • Review your inventory & tier your campaigns accordingly
  • Research your competitors and identify your promotional USP
  • Optimise your title & descriptions to appeal to searches
  • Get testing, Is your site effective on mobile?

Then, once the festivities are all over, let the Boxing day sales begin…!

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