6 Tips For Online Advertising On A Small Budget

Want to use Google Adwords but find that your industry is highly competitive? Not to worry, we have found ways to overcome high costs and bid battles.

Our “6 Tips For Online Advertising On A Small Budget” will teach you how to get effective and profitable leads and sales through Adwords with a small budget.

You know where your customers are, so why aren’t you targeting them?

If you offer a product or service to just one area, then make sure that your ad only targets this area. By choosing a wider area than you can cater for, you will be attracting customers to your website that won’t convert. This will cost you money but not lead to any sales.

Only target Google Search

You may want to appear on Google Search Partners as well, but the truth is that they have a lower CTR than Google Search, so keep to just the Google Search to help keeps costs low.

Keyword specific

When deciding on your keywords you want to target there are two main rules to follow: Always target your branded products, services or company name AND target specific keywords. Generic keywords will attract plenty of impressions, but might not be as relevant to your advert and company. By targeting longer sentences, around 3-4 words, you will be appearing to those who will be more likely to convert because your ad will be more relevant. This therefore cuts down the number of irrelevant clicks and therefore saves you money.

Create a Bing Account

Bing and Yahoo advertising have a growing market share and have a 70% lower CPC than Google. Consider spreading your marketing efforts over to Bing to help generate more clicks at a lower cost.

Remember to use Negative Phrases

You don’t want your advert appearing to irrelevant search terms, so remember to add them as negative phrases. All phrases and keywords added to your negatives will ensure that your ad doesn’t appear to those searching for those negative terms. The more negative terms you add, the less your ad will appear and be clicked on by the wrong person and consequently the more likely that your ad will appear to your perfect customer and they will convert.

Schedule Ad Appearance

Through the use of Google tools you will be able to identify which days and even times are most profitable and least profitable. Consider pausing your campaign at the least profitable times and days to ensure that your budget is always used at its most profitable time.

If you follow these six tips, you will be on your way to creating highly profitable, relatively low cost campaigns. We are here if you would like to talk to us about helping to reduce your daily Google spend. We have worked with clients in the past and have managed to reduce their cost by 80%, so it is possible. Simply call us on   0115 880 0211 or email me and we can discuss what options are available to cut your costs today!

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