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How To Write A Case Study

Are you getting plenty of leads but not many conversions? If you are getting views on your site, but find that your viewers are then clicking off your page, it could be because you haven’t given them enough proof that you are what they are searching for. Writing case studies can help to show your viewers that your product or service provides great benefits.

What we have found at Key Principles, is that the best way to prove to your customer that you are a professional and valued organisation, is through the use of Case Studies and Testimonials.

The benefits of Case Studies

Case Studies are a great way of showing what your company has  previously achieved.  A full case studies page provides new customers an understanding of what your company has already accomplished and it enables you to voice previous clients’ past experiences. It is both a review and an explanation of who you are and therefore gives the new customer the necessary proof that you are a valued company and that you can provide them with the high quality service that they are looking for.  It’s a also a great method of getting testimonials and reviews from past clients.

Tips for writing case studies

A case study can take many forms, but overall it must provide a clear account of accomplished work. It must have:

  • The customers challenge to you
  • Your solution to the problem
  • The benefits gained from your input

Start your case study by adding a short summary of the key facts such as who the client was, what was the main job done, how much did the project cost and how long did it take.

Facts and figures are a great way of transmitting difficult and confusing data in a readable format. You want to fill your Case Study with as much information regarding this project as possible. This is when you want to boast about all the great things you have accomplished for your client. If you are looking for an integrated marketing approach, you can link the Case Study to a past Press Release or News Update regarding the final project as well as use testimonials on appropriate pages on your website.

Direct quotes from past clients help give your case study more creditability and gives it a review feel. So if you want to write a case study about a job you did a while ago, start getting back in contact with your past customers. This will not only give you quotes, but potentially bring back past clients as it shows that you valued their custom.

If you want to improve your conversion of site views to sales, writing case studies and testimonials could be part of the solution. Go ahead, contact current and past clients, and get some of your best projects written up. You want to show off everything you have done and provide new customers with all the proof they need to trust you and your business.

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