How To Get Your Emails Opened

When it comes to writing emails, it can be infuriating to find out that hardly anyone has opened your message, and only a handful have clicked through to your link. You may have spent hours polishing your email and days’ figuring out a witty subject line, but still no one is bothering to read what you have to say to them. Therefore increasing your email open rate is crucial in making people see your content.

Trust me, I understand your pain. But luckily for you, we have had years of experience with email marketing and have learnt all the tricks in the book. We have therefore compiled this list of top tips to help you increase your email open rate.

4 Top Tips to increase your email open rate:

Make your email personal.

We all like receiving messages from friends, so when you write your email, make yourself sound like a trusted friend. Write with a casual approach and make it sound like you’re writing only to that one person, instead of a generic bulk email.

Tip:  Add sayings that you would use in daily conversions. Little sayings will help reflect your personality throughout the email and make it less robot-like.

Give your readers a reward.

We’re not talking about giving them a freebie or anything of the sort, but make sure they can take something with them from your email. Maybe a helpful fact or some news they may later share with a friend. Make them feel that they have been rewarded for reading, and they will look forward to your next email.

Be useful.

Don’t waste people’s time and ensure that you only write something that is worth knowing about. If you are wasting your subscriber’s time then they will not look forward to your emails and even start considering the unimaginable and unsubscribe from you! So if you start seeing your click through and opening rates start to drop, ask yourself what you have stopped writing about that was originally attracting your readers.

Be trustworthy.

Don’t try and fool your readers and trick them into reading your email. They will figure out at some point whether you tricked them or not. So be up front and let them know exactly what they can expect to read. Think about if it were you receiving the email, would you be happy with it?

When your readers realise that you are a trustworthy and informative sender, they will look forward to receiving your email and as a consequence your email open conversion rate will rise. These 4 simple steps will ensure that you find yourself a steady and reliable readership group.

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