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Adapting your car dealership’s digital strategy in a time of crisis

How adapting your digital marketing strategy during these uncertain times can help your business to thrive in the future.

During a state of any national emergency it can be extremely difficult for SME businesses to survive, let alone thrive. The UK government have set out some targeted measures to support businesses through this period of disruption caused by COVID-19, and these support packages are far more substantial than I think we all were expecting.

However, while we tread the waters of these unknown territories there is welcome relief that we are all in this together, businesses, suppliers and customers all re-evaluating their priorities with the primary objective of staying home and safe. So, with dealerships closing, employees furloughed and sales reducing it is essential for car dealerships to review their marketing strategies and reinvest in digital.

With the whole nation staying at home, often with nothing else to do but to search online there is a huge digital audience that is ready to talk. Do we know what constitutes value for customers in a pandemic? Are we able to help them? Now more than ever it is important to listen to customers. Be there for them when they reach out, listen, offer support and build their trust in you.

Now is a time to not focus on generating revenue, but on growing your audience, reaching out to your customers when many others have closed up and switched off gives you an opportunity to reach a much higher share of the market and as more dealerships are moving online there is no reason to be silent.

Do check your messaging, especially on any automated content that has been scheduled to run, ensure that your tone and imagery are all sympathetic to the current situation. But don’t be silent, acknowledge the current reality and engage in conversation where possible.

Use this time wisely, when will you ever see dealerships close for this period of time again? Focus on cleansing your customer database and ensuring that your internal processes are as streamlined as possible ready to hit the ground running once the dealerships doors are open again… with the new expanded audience you have been building up. Work on improvements to your website, analyse user behaviours and make changes to improve the user experience and enquiry rates on your site.

Review your business plan and anticipate impacts with scenario planning, take into consideration the structure of the automotive industry and your strategic positioning within the industry. This will help you to plan for the future and adjust your 3/5/10 year plans accordingly.

Be confident in yourself and your employees and customers will have confidence in you, be positive and believe that things will get better.

We are all in this together, and we are here to help.

Get in touch with us at Key Principles, we can help to refine your digital marketing strategy for your dealership.

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