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What is Email Marketing?

It’s more than sending an email from Outlook and is often considered the unsung hero of digital marketing. It’s about developing email marketing into a sales and lead generation tool.

Using MetricMail from Key Principles, you can develop an email message and send it to your email database quickly and easily. With real time tracking of who has opened the email, who has clicked a link and much more, you can also follow-up fast to encourage communication, contact and sales. Since email is a very personal means of communication, email messaging is now used by organisations as a customer response tool to publicise special offers, to provide information on similar products to ones purchased already and much more.

Unlock Email Marketing with Key Principles

Key Principles has made it easy for organisations of all sizes to use email marketing. Using our online email marketing tool, MetricMail, we can set up an email template for you, show you just how easy it is to use MetricMail and edit your template, as well as guide you through sending your first email campaign.

As part of the service you can expect:

  • A professionally designed email template
  • Ongoing access to MetricMail
  • Training on how to use MetricMail
  • Help and support with your first email campaign
  • Ongoing access to the email marketing experts at Key Principles

Why use Email Marketing?

Two thirds of companies (66%) rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ (22%) or ‘good’ (44%) in terms of return on investment. (Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, By Econsultancy, April 2013)

As with many of the marketing channels available, it is important to get the basics right because when you do the results can be amazing! With a good database of customers and prospects, a great product or service and exciting offers, email marketing:

  • Drives sales and provides good ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Is relatively low cost even when you want to reach large numbers of customers and prospects
  • Encourages a direct response to your email with clicks from the email to your website
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty with the opportunity to send tailored emails to valued customers
  • Boosts brand awareness and credibility
  • Offers the opportunity for timely, quick communication with emails developed and sent within minutes or hours rather than days
  • Provides real-time reporting to enable fast follow-up
  • The opportunity to test, revise and improve

How much do you need to invest?

Simple, straightforward pricing makes it easy for you to start email marketing with us.

  • Email templates from £250 (Our email templates can be edited very easily; many clients only need one template for all their email marketing requirements.)
  • £7.50 per email marketing campaign/broadcast
  • 1.5 pence per email message
  • No Monthly Charges – If you don’t use MetricMail, you don’t get charged anything

It’s that easy! If you have your email list, it’s easy to work out the costs. And remember, you won’t need a new email template for every email marketing campaign; reuse your email template and the costs involved in keeping your customers and prospects up-to-date is just £7.50 per broadcast and 1.5 pence per email.

There are no annual fees, no monthly fees, no additional costs; it is a simple ‘pay-as-you-go’ service – use MetricMail software as much as you want and know before you start the costs involved.

In fact, if you have an email you are already using, you can even upload that to MetricMail and simply use the system to send it – that way you don’t even need to invest in the email template. There are even free email templates you can use and edit yourself, although we think the email template is worth investing in for ongoing email campaigns.

The Prepay Option

If you’re going to be sending to a large database of customers or prospects, or likely to be sending frequent emails, perhaps our Prepay option may be a more cost-effective solution.

Buying bulk email credits, the cost per email message can be reduced as follows:

Email creditsCost per message/email sent (cost in pence)
Less than 50,0001.5
50,001 to 100,0001.2
100,001 to 250,0001.0
250,001 to 500,0000.76
More than 500,0000.66

So contact us today for expert email marketing services at competitive prices.

Put your trust in us

Key Principles also offers a fully managed service: we will help you develop a strategy and then write, build and send your emails for you.


To discuss how email marketing can work for you and for an initial meeting, please call 0115 880 0211 or use the contact form below.

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What our clients say about our Email Marketing services

“We have been working with Key Principles and using their MetricMail email marketing tool since 2011. Not only is MetricMail easy to use and very effective, Jackie at Key Principles has been very helpful with the development of how we use the system. I find the analytics tools in particular give real insight into the successfulness of specific campaigns.”


Mathew Hall

Robert Woodhead Ltd

“When it comes to email marketing, Jackie at Key Principles has been instrumental in helping us to really get the best out of MetricMail and email marketing in general. Whether it is coming up with new email ideas or improving a subject line, Jackie has been a real help.”


Denise Parkinson


“I have worked with Jackie for a number of years and as soon as I took on the role of Head of Marketing for ASM Technologies, my first phone call was to Jackie to help with our email marketing – that is how highly I think of Jackie and the services she has provided for me. MetricMail is quick and very easy to use and the range of reports ideal for when I need to justify ROI on my campaigns. Jackie is an expert in her field and is always suggesting new ideas and ways to maximise response rates for my email marketing campaigns. Jackie will continue to be a key part in my marketing activity, providing an excellent service, great value for money and great fun to work with. I can’t recommend Jackie enough”.


Zach Smith

ASM Technologies

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