How do we do it?

At Key Principles we want to make the agency – client process as seamless as possible. We want you to feel that we form part of your company and that we truly work in partnership with you to achieve your business goals.

It is for this reason that we thought we should explain how we work with you, so that you know what to expect when selecting us as your marketing agency of choice.

We get to know you and your business

We work in partnership with you. We spend time getting to know you and developing an understanding of your dreams, aspirations, goals and objectives. This means we are able to build marketing campaigns to help meet your specific goals.

We provide you with monthly reports.

This is so you can see what we are doing and how it is working. We are completely open about how the campaigns are performing and we suggest ways to improve your campaigns on a monthly basis.

We develop your very own tailored strategy and plan

Our strategy and plan will meet your clearly defined marketing objectives and goals. There’s no off the shelf solution because every business is unique. Whether you’ve tried it before, or are using it now, we can build a wide range of marketing campaigns including online advertising, email marketing, social media engagement and advertising for you. And these campaigns that will set you apart from the competition.

We monitor your campaigns and optimise them for you

The optimisation process starts as soon as your campaigns start and ensures that your campaigns are always accurate, targeted and meet your marketing goals at every step.

We build the perfect campaign for you

We use our extensive marketing knowledge and experience as well as the information you have provided to us regarding your marketing goals to implement your campaigns. If you choose us for Google Adwords campaigns, we make sure these are built and optimised properly. Being Google Advanced Search Certified, we use our in depth Google Adwords knowledge to ensure your campaigns are executed to perfection. The result is you spend less money with Google for greater returns.

Key Principles was founded to help businesses grow through the use of marketing and we believe that online marketing is the best form of marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you would like us to look after your marketing campaigns, you can call us on 0115 880 0211, or use the contact form below for more information.

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