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Meet the team of digital marketing experts that are dedicated to achieving results for you using a wide variety of online platforms from Google Ads to Facebook & Bing as well as offering SEO and email marketing. Be sure to connect with our team on LinkedIn to keep updated with the world of digital marketing. 

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Managing Director

Jackie Key

Managing Director

Often heard saying… “Best crack on”, “Do we need a written process for that?”, “Another cracking month”, “Great results again.”

Finds joy in… Helping others, learning, teaching, those ‘ah ha’ moments, my wonderful family; Emma, Lucy & Freddie, travelling, cycling, running, did I say running?

Best advice ever received… Focus… and you must have a plan…

Blasts from the past… Lived in Egypt for a while, loves to run, used to play hockey.

Favourite animal… Our four-legged friend and loyal companion… the dog (god)!

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Digital Marketing Executive

Malik Woodford

Digital Marketing Executive

Finds joy in… MMA, boxing, just combat sports in general. Also enjoy travelling and sampling local cuisine as well as stand up comedy.

Best advice ever received… “There’s no growth in comfort zone; and no comfort in growth zone.”

Favourite quote… “I’m going to show you how great I am.” – Muhammad Ali (1974)

Spare Time… Writing MMA articles, playing PS4 and spending time with family.

Favourite TV show… Only Fools and Horses; timeless classic.

Favourite cuisine… French. So much garlic and butter!

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Terri Foster Square Portrait


Digital Marketing Executive

Terri Foster

Digital Marketing Executive

Finds joy in… My morning coffee, playing netball, true crime podcasts and cosy family film nights.

Blasts from the past… Completing 100k trekking challenge over the Yorkshire Dales in 26 hours, raising money for Oxfam.

Best advice ever received… “Eat that frog.”

Often heard saying… “Don’t forget Bing has the majority share of voice search queries.”

Values that drive you… Integrity, Perfection and Loyalty.

Favourite animal… Dog, of course.

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Non-Exec Director

Emma Fielding

Non-Exec Director

Often heard saying… “There’s got to be a faster way to do that”, “You will be able to save time doing that in Excel”

Finds joy in… Excel spreadsheets, numbers, family, all sport especially hockey, football and canicross with the dog

Best Advice… “Make a decision, no decision is a bad one as you can always change it”, “You can do it!”

Blasts from the past… Cycled across Europe (Blackpool to the Black Sea) carrying all my own kit, played football for Nottingham Forest

Favourite Animal… Freddie (Fast Feet Fred or Funtime Freddie) our black lab

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