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make decisions based on accurate data and easy to understand 24/7 reports
providing a complete view of all your online marketing activity

Our Google Data Studio reports have been developed to provide you with a clear overview of all your online marketing activity; known as the digital dashboard, clients can access their reports 24/7 and adjust views to see what’s working and what’s not.

Working together we optimise activity based on these reports, and your overall goals, to ensure your objectives are not just met but exceeded whenever possible. If it’s working, we scale; if it’s not we review and redevelop, or simply stop spending time and money on areas that aren’t making a return… simple, straightforward marketing.

Our aim as always is to provide you with the best possible return on your investment.

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our Google Data Studio service

As part of our Google Data Studio service, we:

Set up Google Data Studio using your agreed login credentials.

Set up the report based as a Digital Dashboard showing an overview as well as information by channel.

Ensure access to the report is granted to all team members who require it.

put your trust in us

complete transparency

You pay Google/Bing/Facebook/LinkedIn directly so you know exactly how much money you are spending on your paid search and online advertising. And the accounts are yours, not ours.

one main point of contact

You’ll have your own account manager, available during working hours, with a backup for holiday periods.

tailored 24/7 reporting

Reporting packages tailored to you and your objectives.

no long, fixed term contracts

You stay with us because you want to.

comprehensive tracking

If you don’t track, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, and neither do we, which is why we always insist on tracking.

expertise guaranteed

A qualified PPC specialist will manage your campaigns backed by an agency with Google Partner status since 2014.

ethical practices

We don’t use shortcuts and quick fixes. We provide long term digital marketing solutions to ensure your business goals are achieved and sustained. With us, growing your business is our priority.

team up with us

Speak to one of our specialists today.

100% guarantee

We won’t be the cheapest, we will be the best. We will only recommend what we believe can work for you, but if it isn’t working, we won’t hold you to any contract, you stay with us because you want to, not because you have to…