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grow your business with Google Ads shopping
display your products with Google Product Listing Ads and benefit from lower cost per clicks

Our Google Ads experts develop and manage Google Ads Shopping campaigns with a focus on achieving an ROI.

We take the time to understand your business, your margins and your products, manage and optimise your feed and deliver your Google Product Listing Ads with our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner to ensure the best ROI. Our clients generally see a 50% increase in sales within 12 months.

You can trust us – if we don’t believe Google Ads shopping is right for your business, we won’t recommend it. In some instances where margins are tight or your prices are higher than your competitors, it may not be right for you.

Google Premier Partners with the Shopping specialisation.

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    our Google Ads shopping service

    The Google Ads shopping service from Key Principles can include all or some of the following:

    Strategy & Planning – getting to know you, your business and your products so we can achieve the best results for you with Google Ads Shopping.

    Tracking & Reporting – we won’t spend your money without tracking, and our reporting, using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, is 100% transparent.

    Feed Optimisation – to make the most of Google Ads shopping, we optimise your feed. This ensures your products match with relevant search queries and also boosts your ad rank.

    Product Page Optimisation – improve conversion rates by reviewing product pages, calls to action and the purchase process to help reduce the cost per sale and help us achieve an even better ROI for you.

    Campaign Set Ups – our tried and tested approach ensures campaigns are set up for success. Taking Google best practice and over 15 years of experience, we make your Google Shopping campaigns as effective as possible from the start. With our CSS partnership enables the efficient use of automation technology to not only get campaigns up fast, they also ensure a lower cost per click.

    Ongoing Management & Optimisation – focusing on improving your returns and increasing sales, optimisation include bid adjustments and much more. Clients generally see cost per sale drop by as much as 25% year on year if we’ve set campaigns up and by substantially more if we’re taking over campaigns that are already set up. If we’re taking over an account with Google Shopping campaigns set up, we sometimes set up completely new campaigns that reflect our best practices.

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    in just
    12 months

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    in just
    12 months
    Now added
    Remarketing and Facebook Ads
    to the marketing

    290% increase
    in sales online
    in just
    8 months


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    “Jackie and her team at Key Principles have played a vital role in ensuring J-Flex has a clear and visible presence online. Our website continues to be the dominant source for new customers; backed up with focused SEO, targeted AdWords search and remarketing campaigns plus award-winning social media posts, it’s no wonder!”

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    “The team at Key Principles are excellent, they understand our business objectives and work hard to ensure the campaigns we run are both effective and delivering results.”

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    “Piab have been working with Key Principles since July 2014 in the UK and subsequently with other Piab AB companies as a result of the positive improvements in our search engine results and Google AdWords campaigns. Key Principles have always focused on understanding our business and our strategic growth objectives, and in turn provided additional ideas on how we can develop the lead generation activity. They helped us address overspend with Google and optimized our return on this investment which in turn contributed very positively to our double-digit business growth in 2017. In 2018 we will increase our activity on adword campaigns with Key principles adding divisions, whilst reducing our current spend on less productive areas of marketing such as magazine advertising.”

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    “We are very pleased with the service and support given by Key Principles. Naturally we were nervous venturing into the world of paid advertising for the 1st time since launching our ecommerce store in 2009, and it only took 7 years! Key Principles were understanding of our concern and suggested an “ease in” approach which we were very happy with. Almost 2 years on and our campaigns have naturally evolved, and we now spend in excess of £3000 per month on our Google advertising alone, suffice to say our turnover has increased by 76% as a result. Key Principles constantly monitor the performance of our campaigns, and not only adjust them accordingly but also suggest how we can enhance them. We are now embarking on a roadmap to introduce remarketing campaigns along with Facebook advertising. We now see using paid advertising vital in growing the business and see Key Principles as the ideal partner to carry that forward with.”

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    “The Google Ads Search training provided by Key Principles was excellent. The knowledge of the course leader, Terri, was great and I learnt a lot over the three days I spent with her. The course was just the right length as it allowed me to learn the theory and then put it into practice. Overall I’m very satisfied with the training and would recommend Key Principles to friends and colleagues that want to learn more about how to use Google Ads in a way that works for their business. I’m looking forward to putting my knowledge into practice for Choose Leisure.”

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    “Key Principles have been helping my immigration law firm (OTB Legal) with SEO and Ad Words. I’ve been really happy with the work that has been carried out, which has seen really positive results for creating new leads for our business. Malik and Jackie are very good at keeping me updated in terms of the steps that are being taken. Highly recommend!”

    put your trust in us

    complete transparency

    You pay Google/Bing/Facebook/LinkedIn directly so you know exactly how much money you are spending on your paid search and online advertising. And the accounts are yours, not ours.

    one main point of contact

    You’ll have your own account manager, available during working hours, with a backup for holiday periods.

    tailored 24/7 reporting

    Reporting packages tailored to you and your objectives.

    no long, fixed term contracts

    You stay with us because you want to.

    comprehensive tracking

    If you don’t track, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, and neither do we, which is why we always insist on tracking.

    expertise guaranteed

    A qualified PPC specialist will manage your campaigns backed by an agency with Google Partner status since 2014.

    ethical practices

    We don’t use shortcuts and quick fixes. We provide long term digital marketing solutions to ensure your business goals are achieved and sustained. With us, growing your business is our priority.

    team up with us

    Speak to one of our specialists today.

    100% guarantee

    We won’t be the cheapest, we will be the best. We will only recommend what we believe can work for you, but if it isn’t working, we won’t hold you to any contract, you stay with us because you want to, not because you have to…

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