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don’t waste money advertising products that are out of stock – improve your roi
advertising that automatically switches your adverts on and off as stock is updated on your website

The Key Principles Auto-AdsTM system provides you with an automation tool that dramatically improves your return on ad spend. The system switches advertising on and off depending on the availability of your products or services. In fact, it works effectively for any items that might go in and out of stock making it perfect for:

  • Products on your ecommerce website
  • Used cars on your forecourt or in your showroom
  • Houses for sale and to let

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why use it?

Advertise in stock products

Advertise only the products you have in stock to eager buyers for less wasted advertising spend – no more advertising products that are out of stock or sold

Improve ROI

Improved ROI with a lower cost per sale with targeted visitors to your website that are ready to buy making sales easier and faster

Dynamic Adverts

Tailored adverts dynamically updated as you make changes to your website including updating with promotional prices to improve the effectiveness of your sales events

Auto-AdsTM Search promotes your stock with text-based adverts to those searching for the product you have in stock to potential customers who are ready to buy, taking them to the most relevant website page.

Buyers searching for specific colours, sizes, models and more on Google, Bing and Yahoo! already know what they want and are more likely to buy. Auto-AdsTM Search ensures that if you have what they are looking for, your text-based advert will appear with the advert personalised to their search.

Auto-AdsTM Social promotes your stock on Facebook and Instagram, and can target previous website visitors, as well as reach out to new in-market buyers. Just like Auto-AdsTM Search adverts are dynamically generated based on your stock.

The Auto-AdsTM system won’t just stop and start adverts based on stock, it can also be configured to automatically change prices. If you change your prices regularly to run offers, sales events and promotions, then this is a great system for you.

For more information on how Key Principles can help you improve your return on ad spend, get in touch today.

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