Marketing Strategy And Planning

Helping you make the most of your marketing strategy with planning focused on ROI

What is Marketing Strategy And Planning?

Key Principles has developed a tried and tested approach to the marketing strategy and planning process. Following initial discussions a clear brief is developed which covers your vision, key goals and objectives.

An appropriate strategy and plan specific to your business is produced which is the initial document for discussion. This document is reviewed together to develop an agreed strategy and plan. This strategy and plan is then be presented to the key stakeholders for their review and approval. The aim will be to ensure that all personnel buy into the strategy and plan, and are fully behind the activities outlined within the plan. The plan will result from the strategy.

Why Use Marketing Strategy And Planning?

The aim of the plan will be to develop a working document that can be referenced on a regular basis to ensure that various activities are being completed – that we are on track with agreed activities, timescales, etc. The plan will therefore detail the activities we would like to undertake with timescales and owners.

The detailed plan usually covers 12 months of activity and focuses on integrating marketing activity, so that it all works together as well as ensuring a return on your investment.

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