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Perfect for businesses selling products online. For lower cost per click and higher ROIs, test out Google Shopping.

What is Google Shopping?

Shopping listings put the image of your product to the forefront, so that your customers can see your product straight away. Customers can see the exact product, cost and where to buy it from instantly. Here are some examples:

Why Use Google Shopping?

Google offers a range of advertising services in order to suit every business’ requirements and shopping listings are ideal if you want to sell your products online. If you are already familiar with Google Adwords, you will be happy to hear that Google Shopping’s Cost Per Click is lower than Adwords, therefore potentially providing you with an even higher ROI.

Google Shopping Example Solar Panel
Google Shopping Example Red Shoes
Google Shopping Logo

Unlock Google Shopping With Key Principles

Our Google Shopping Package includes:

  • RSS Feed Check
  • Merchant Centre Account Set-up
  • Tracking Set Up – such as Adwords, Analytics, Tag Manager, eCommerce Tracking and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Complete Google Shopping Set Up
  • Advanced Targeting – product, categories, brands, condition or custom field of your choice.
  • Tailored monthly reporting
  • Monthly Optimisation to identify the best performing products, undertake bid adjustments and budget control.

Google Shopping Advertising Prices

Shopping Setup

(Not including VAT or Ad Spend)
From £400/Setup
  • Setup of Campaign Including Location Targeting, Budget Settings, Ad Delivery Method and More.
  • Provision of Feed Specification
  • Help with the Merchant Centre Feed
  • Merchant Centre Account Setup
  • Creation of Ad Groups & Relevant Ad Extensions
  • Generating Negative Keyword List
  • Specialised Monitoring of the Campaign for the First 4 Weeks

Shopping Optimisation

(Not including VAT or Ad Spend)
From £200/Month
  • Identifying the Best Performing Products and Transferring to a Best Sellers Campaign
  • Removal of Underperforming Products or Products with Poor Cost Per Conversions
  • Bid Adjustments to Product Level
  • Adding of Negative Keywords as Appropriate
  • Budget Control
  • Provision of a Monthly Report

Put Your Trust In Us

We understand that every business is different and has unique marketing requirements. This is why we have created a range of online marketing packages to suit every company’s individual needs. We believe that Google Shopping is the ideal platform for businesses that sell visual products. This is usually best suited to B2C markets, however depending on your product, B2B could be a viable option for you. Key Principles are Google Premier Partners and all of our consultants are Google Advanced Search certified and have created and managed a wide range of campaigns. Also Google have recognised the success Key Principles has achieved for it’s clients on shopping campaigns and has awarded us with a shopping specialism accreditation. If you need any more help we are always available to answer any questions you will have about the future of your campaigns.

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