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What is an Auto-Responder?

An Auto-Responder is the next step up in Email Marketing. It allows you to plan in advance what you want to send your customers. Develop the emails, and then simply sit back and relax.

 The great thing with Auto-Responders is that once you have it set up, there is nothing more you need to do. It will always automatically control itself and send out messages as and when planned. Therefore all it requires is a little bit of dedicated time to initially set up and then you can leave it alone. Auto-responders can be set up for a single date, for example: Christmas, Birthdays, Subscription Confirmation, etc… Or you could have an Auto-Responder Series.

An Auto-Responder Series lets you create a chain of automated responses, which follow a pattern. 

For example, an automated email confirming purchase of an order followed by an automated email a week later asking for a review of the product. This pre-planned chain of automated emails provides a reliable and consistent message. So the series, in this context would revolve around the product being bought and the email would be altered for that specific product. This service will save you time, money and it will give your company a more personal approach.

Why use Auto-Responders?

“If you are not keeping in contact with your customers, you’re losing sales and money!”

The benefits of having an Auto-Responder/Series include:

    • Once it’s set up there is no more work involved!
    • Easy to set up
    • Personal message
    • Reminds your clients about you
    • Increases leads (or at least maintains your leads)
    • Increases customer loyalty and interaction

Unlock the Auto-Responders Service with Key Principles

We have developed a quick and easy way to organise all your auto-responders and auto-responder series. We use an email marketing tool, Metric Mail. We can set up an Auto-Responder email template for you. We can show you how easy it is to use this service and edit your templates, as well as help guide you through setting up your first Auto-Responder Series.

As part of this service you can expect:

  • On-going access to the Auto-Responders and Email Marketing experts at Key Principles
  • Training on how to use Metric Mail
  • A professionally designed email template
  • Help and support throughout your Auto-Responders campaign set up and beyond

Put Your Trust In Us

We’re a dynamic Google Adwords Partner that creates Adwords campaigns that enable businesses to grow fast. We believe in building and managing Adwords campaigns effectively and efficiently so we can help you reach your goals. We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement. We’re obsessed with delivering growth through Google Adwords for our clients. Put simply, we care. We work in partnership with our clients, helping them grow their businesses and all within a fixed fee. Our mission is to use the tools available in Google Adwords to generate campaigns for clients that grow their business profitably and with a minimum spend with Google.

“When it comes to email marketing, Jackie at Key Principles has been instrumental in helping us to really get the best out of Metric Mail and email marketing in general. Whether it is coming up with new email ideas or improving a subject line, Jackie has been a real help.”

– Denise Parkinson, J-Flex

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