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Strategic content marketing development to engage and nurture your prospects and customers

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a buzz phrase in digital marketing circles and there are good reasons why this is the case. It is the process of developing informative, interesting and valuable content for your customers and prospects.

To be effective, content marketing is planned and executed in an orderly fashion. It is also likely to be provided in a variety of formats including written (your blog), spoken (webinars and podcasts) and visual (infographics and presentations). New content is then distributed and promoted through social media, slide share and YouTube, for example. The channels for distribution of content are numerous. As part of the process of planning content marketing, it is important to consider what your objectives are, to develop targets and then to measure and refine your activity. Certain content may produce far more visitors to your website and leads than other content. By monitoring the overall increases as well as individual content impact, you can look to provide content that is seen as most valuable and informative by your customers and prospects.

Why use Content Marketing?

Content marketing, if implemented correctly, undertaken regularly and integrated with your social media marketing and other marketing efforts will:

1. Increase the number of visitors to your website

2. Increase leads and sales

3. Position you as a leader in your field

As an example, since Key Principles started our regular blogging we have received over 50% more visitors to our website and we are already starting to see increases in leads! Visitors are also spending significantly longer on our website; the increase to date is over 160%!

In fact HubSpot has identified that companies that blog regularly receive:

  • 55% more visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

Unlock Content Marketing with Key Principles

Key Principles can help you with your content marketing. We offer a range of services which can be taken individually or as a whole, and include:

  • help with content strategy and planning
  • help with ideas and topics
  • planning and managing a schedule
  • writing of blog posts
  • optimisation of content

We also offer copywriting services as well as providing PR services, social media marketing and web page content development.

Put Your Trust In Us

We’re a dynamic Google Adwords Partner that creates campaigns that enable businesses to grow fast. We believe in building and managing campaigns effectively and efficiently so we can help you reach your goals. We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement. We’re obsessed with delivering growth through Content Marketing for our clients. Put simply, we care. We work in partnership with our clients, helping them grow their businesses and all within a fixed fee. Our mission is to use the tools available through Content Marketing to generate campaigns for clients that grow their business profitably and with a minimum spend.

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