Digital Marketing For Wholesalers

Looking to develop an AdWords campaign for your wholesale business? Or maybe you want to spread awareness among the B2B market through social media? See how Key Principles can help with digital marketing for wholesalers.

Digital marketing for B2B and wholesalers can be a challenge. As a wholesaler, the B2B market is crucial to maximise sales and growth; recent research has shown that search is the top channel that B2B customers use for researching purchases.

Key Principles could help you to acquire more B2B customers as our current wholesale clients have discovered. Building relationships with customers is crucial in the B2B market and there are many ways to broaden awareness and increase engagements through the various digital platforms.

Our Clients in this sector and their results

Client: Dinshaw Wholesale

One of our wholesale clients are Dinshaw Wholesale who provide wholesale clothing options. Key Principles set up their AdWords campaign and monitored it for 3 months as well as providing training on SEO so they could optimise their website better.

Key Principles began working with Dinshaw Wholesale in September 2016 and our SEO training combined with the AdWords set up and optimisations have allowed Dinshaw to:

  • Generate over 560 total conversions in 9 months directly through Adwords
  • Achieve a low average cost per conversion at £2.95, making use of their budget effectively
  • Achieved a very impressive 15.9% click through rate on their search campaign

Client: County Battery

County Battery is a family run battery specialist company providing batteries for all applications. Key Principles began working with County Battery in October 2015 and one year later, following a successful AdWords campaign, began to use our SEO services as well.

Key Principles have helped County Battery to achieve tremendous results as a result of our AdWords and SEO services. These results are based on the traffic to their website since they began working with Key Principles and includes:

  • 107% increase in average session duration
  • 56% increase in product revenue
  • 84% increase in total visitors to their website

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Wholesale Sector

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