Digital Marketing For Weddings & Events

When organising a special occasion, like a wedding or a corporate event, people turn to friends, families and Google to find companies they can rely on. Will your business be there when someone searches for your services? Key Principles has the marketing solutions to help people find you.

Internet marketing for event planners and niche markets can often be difficult. Here are some reasons why digital marketing is important to the wedding and events sector:

  • According to Google, if people had been aware that an event was happening in their area, 30% would have bought tickets.
  • As an industry based on the latest trends, Keyword research can help your business stay at the forefront of these trends

At Key Principles, we help businesses when it comes to event marketing and planning, we look at search trends, analyse search terms from current and historic data, looking at keywords and finding the best means to promote your business.

There are numerous ways we have used AdWords to promote events, hospitality, and wedding companies. From the use of Display campaigns to build brand awareness to search ads that can be found with relevant searches.

Our Clients in this sector and their results

Client: Sami Tipi

Sami Tipi are an award-winning tipi hire company, specialising in outdoor corporate events and weddings across the midlands. Sami Tipi owned and run by Jodie and Craig, knew the benefits of the online advertising especially through AdWords, however, had no time to do this on their own. Enlisting the help of Key Principles their goal was to make use of the Google and Bing advertising platforms to help build their business.

Key Principles decided to use two types of AdWords campaigns; search to attract potential customers, and remarketing to advertise to people who had already visited the site. Results from the search campaign has shown;

  • An extremely high search impression share of 99.29%
  • A strong average CTR of 14.49% since starting the campaign.

This is a result of a highly targeted campaign leading to high quality leads which are more likely to generate conversions/sales.

Client: Thomas The Caterer

Thomas The Caterer is an award-winning catering company and were using AdWords to promote their wedding catering services. However, they felt they were not getting enough financial return on the amount they spent on AdWords campaigns having tried numerous times, creating several different campaigns to see which was best. After a recommendation from Jodie at Sami Tipi, Thomas Bower (director of Thomas The Caterer) reached out to Key Principles to help manage his account.

The results are still in progress for Thomas The Caterer, however they are already booked for the rest of the year, and are only taking bookings for next year. In the first month Key Principles has;

  • Increased search impression share from 31.74% to 86.77%
  • Increased in CTR from 1.39% to 5.48%.

Client: Puure Bride

Angie set up Puure Bride in 2006, a luxury designer bridal wear shop in the North West, and came to Key Principles for help with PPC advertising following frustrating results with her previous campaigns, and wanting time to focus on her business. We worked with Angie and reviewed her previous campaigns, then focussed on brands and “luxury” designer related keywords together with targeting their local geographic area to drive brides-to-be to her retail outlet.

Puure Bride have seen a significant rise in enquires and footfall to their shop with a substantial amount of engagement on their ads. Key Principles helped Puure Bride to:

  • Increase search impression share for their campaigns by 83.16%
  • Improve the click through rate from 0.87% to 4.07%
  • Increase their average ad position from 4.6 to 2.1
  • Decreased their overall costs by 35%

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Wedding & Events Sector

Read about how we helped Sami Tipi promote their summer showcase wedding event using Countdown Ads with Google AdWords. Also read our blog post to discover the importance of keyword selection to stay on top of the trends within your industry.

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