Digital Marketing For Construction & Trades

Digital marketing for trades and construction businesses is becoming vital. Whether you provide a carpentry, locksmith, electrical, plumbing or cleaning service it is important to be active where all your potential customers are searching; online. At Key Principles, we can help to make your business visible online and attract the attention of potential customers.

The PPC services we provide at Key Principles are perfect for a business operating in the trades sector as we perform extensive keyword research and location targeting to ensure you are only receiving leads from areas you are willing to operate in and for services you provide. This extensive research and optimisation on a regular basis will ensure you receive high quality leads.


Our Clients in this sector and their results

Client: Guardian Locksmiths

Guardian Locksmiths provide locksmith and glazing services on a domestic, commercial and emergency level as well as many other services such as boarding up. We began working with Guardian Locksmiths in May 2016 to help generate high quality leads across the various services they provide.

Key Principles has been working with Guardian Locksmiths for over 1 year now and we have achieved the following results across all their campaigns.

  • A high click through rate of 5.51%. Average CTR for PPC ads are generally about 2%.
  • High search impression share at 80.98%; meaning their ad was shown for a high amount of times for relevant searches.
  • High average ad position at 2.6, usually displaying their ad towards the top of search rankings

Client: BP Drains

Specialists in drain unblocking, BP Drains can unblock, repair and survey drains and also have a 24/7 emergency callout service. Key Principles began working with BP Drains in November 2016 aiming to optimise their campaign effectively and decrease the cost per conversions

Key Principles have gained excellent results for BP Drains since taking over their AdWords campaigns. The following results compares our work over the period from December 2016 to June 2017 to the campaigns that were running in the same period the previous year.

  • 64% reduction in cost per conversion
  • Over 100% increase in the amount of conversions
  • Increased conversion rate by 87%

Client: Top Mark Cleaning

Top Mark Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company that specialises in carpets and upholstery. Top Mark Cleaning decided to utilise the AdWords expertise of Key Principles after using AdWords previously and spending large amounts of money without generating many leads.

At Key Principles, we created two new campaigns for Top Mark Cleaning and achieved drastically better results in comparison to their previous AdWords efforts which include:

  • Increasing the CTR from 0.28% to 5.92%
  • An increase in search impression share from less than 10% to 80%
  • Increasing average ad positions from 9.5 to 2.4

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Trades B2C Sector

As mentioned above, we believe the use of Pay-Per-Click is critical to the trades sector as people are more likely to search for this type of company as and when they need the service. Read more about how Googled AdWords can be used to generate sales in our blog comparing Google AdWords to traditional PR.

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