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Looking to develop a client base for your personal training programme? Or maybe you want to increase membership levels at your gym or sports club? See how Key Principles can help with digital marketing for sport & fitness companies.

Businesses within the sports and fitness industry rely on digital marketing more than ever. Research suggests that the health and fitness market is on the rise with a 20% growth of UK citizens using health and fitness clubs forecasted by 2020.

Google trends has also shown a dramatic increase in the number of online searches relating to health and fitness with search interest in

  • Yoga on YouTube increasing 91%; and
  • Mobile searches relating to physical fitness increasing 40% year on year.

The forecasted growth of the market combined with the Google trends information shows the importance of capturing the attention of the online market and obtaining their custom.

At Key Principles we can improve your online visibility and help you achieve your business goals. We are very passionate about the sport and fitness industry with the team being involved in a variety of different sports ranging from hockey and netball to boxing and football. Two members of the team also have degrees in Sports Science and Administration.

Our Clients in this sector and their results

Client: Kristy Ellis Personal Training

Kristy Ellis Personal Training took expert advice from Key Principles about setting up and maintaining her Google AdWords campaigns. With a successful Nottingham studio, Kristy was looking to set up a new one in Chelmsford and needed to build her client base in Chelmsford rapidly to cover the costs of the studio hire. We worked with Kristy to target ‘personal training’ keywords within the Chelmsford area and worked with her web developer to revise the homepage and develop new landing pages to increase the number of enquires and conversion rates.

Results: For Kristy Ellis Personal Training, Key Principles facilitated the growth of the Chelmsford client base and in addition found that;

  • 70% of the long-term client base had come from AdWords campaigns after 4 months.
  • 89 total conversion with 12 in the first month of the campaign

This success has allowed Kristy to take on additional staff with the expectation of taking on more clients imminently.

Client: Adjust Massage

James, as a qualified sports masseuse, set up the Adjust Massage in 2014, and came to Key Principles for help with PPC advertising following frustratingly slow growth rates. We worked with James to set up an AdWords campaign and focused on ‘sports massage’ related keywords and targeted his local geographic area.

Adjust Massage attained significant results after we set up their AdWords campaigns, the first 6 months led to;

  • Over 100 additional enquiries.
  • Increased bookings by 25%.
  • Increased total return on investment by 61%.

This initial success allowed us to create a remarketing campaign and which enabled Adjust Massage gain even more customers.

Client: FitSpace

FitSpace Gyms were a low-cost gym group operating in the UK for over 9 years and were the first low cost gym group in UK. FitSpace used AdWords advertising as a part of their marketing mix however, they discovered that they were spending too much for each new membership and came to Key Principles to make AdWords a profitable marketing channel and gain a positive return on investment.

Key Principles achieved dramatic results for FitSpace including:

  • Reducing their daily spend by 49%
  • Increasing memberships from 1.5 to 3.7 per day
  • Reducing cost per new membership by a massive 78%

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Sports & Fitness Sector

For further information on digital marketing for sport and fitness see this Google blog and visit our blog on Adjust Massage for more information on this successful campaign.

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