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Digital marketing has become pivotal within the legal and financial sector as large numbers of consumers use search to find legal firms making it a competitive industry in the digital environment.

This means digital marketing is vital to ensuring your company appears at the top of search engine results, at Key Principles we can help our legal clients to achieve this.

The most important forms of digital marketing for legal firms are PPC, SEO and content marketing, this is because:

  • 96% of people looking for legal services use search engines to find a reputable law firm
  • Blogs relating to legal matters help to answer a searchers legal questions and raise the firms profile and over 60% of legal firms have begun to adopt content marketing

Our Clients in this sector and their results

Client: My School Appeal

My School Appeal is a specialist education law solicitor. They were overspending on Google AdWords without generating high quality leads. After attempting AdWords campaigns that led to low click through rates and poor quality of leads, John sought out the expert services of Key Principles in April 2015.

After joining with Key Principles, My School Appeal saw a definite change in the quality of leads from their previous self-managed campaign. Key Principles succeeded in assisting  My School Appeal by:

  • Generating over 100 conversions to gain higher quality leads
  • Increasing average Ad position from 3.5 to 1.7
  • Increasing the Click through Rate (CTR) from 0.29% to 4.47% (Legal sector average 1.35%*)

Client: Stripes Solicitors

Stripes Solicitors provide commercial and personal legal services, specialising in litigation, they also proudly provide their services to charities and community organisations often on a pro bono basis. We began working with Stripes Solicitors in October 2015 and continue to work with them as one of our long-standing clients.

Stripes Solicitors were running AdWords campaigns prior to working with Key Principles and they suffered a low click through rate on their ads and a low average ad position due to the highly competitive nature of their industry. In comparison to the campaigns Stripes Solicitors were running before, Key Principles campaigns have:

  • Improved the search network CTR of 7.77% in comparison to 1.31% (Legal sector average 1.35%*)
  • Increased search impression share from 82.33% to 90.33%; ensuring their ads get shown more often for relevant search terms on Search Networks.

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Legal Sector

For more information read our blog about how you can make content marketing work for SEO to get more clicks, impressions and traffic to your website.

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