Digital Marketing For Car Dealerships

The car dealerships sector is one that Key Principles has researched extensively as we saw the potential for car dealerships to gain a competitive advantage by following its customers on to the digital platform. At Key Principles, we have already helped car dealership clients to reap the rewards of being online with customers, if you want your car dealership to be found online then let Key Principles help you maximise the benefits of PPC today.

It’s important for car dealerships to incorporate PPC into their strategy as car buyers move online. If you still are unsure whether online advertising is right for your car dealership then here are some statistics from Google that show the search trend data for the automotive industry and how that is changing the environment you operate in:

  • Over 59% of all searches for cars and trucks are now performed on mobile devices
  • Year on year increase of 11% in searches for car dealerships
  • Search interest for ‘car dealerships near me’ has doubled with interest in dealer phone numbers up over 78% year over year

This data shows that people are progressing to online platforms to purchase and find information about cars with significant growth shown in mobile searches. At Key Principles, we can use this data to create effective campaigns that focus on different devices and allow your dealership to be found by people within a certain distance of your store and searching on mobile devices.

Our Clients in This Sector and Their Results

Client: TMS Motor Group

TMS Motor Group is a car dealership that specialises in Volvo and KIA cars. Like other car dealerships, TMS Motor Group were already advertising on traditional media platforms however they saw the importance in AdWords and began trialling it. TMS Motor Group then decided to seek the help of Key Principles in 2014 to accelerate their growth on Google AdWords and have a team of experts optimising their account on a regular basis.


Due to our expert knowledge of AdWords and our extensive research into the industry we were able to generate some significant results for TMS Motor Group such as:

  • 600 website enquiries and 280 phone calls within 12 months
  • Before we took over the campaign they generated 4 conversions in 6 months, after taking over the campaigns Key Principles generated over 234 conversions, an increase of 5,750%
  • Increased click through rates from 2.5% to 7.4%

Key Principles Services Perfect for the Car Dealership & Automotive Sector

Our extensive research on this sector can be found in our car dealership white paper written by Key Principles managing director, Jackie Key. Alternatively, you can see our blog post detailing five reasons car dealerships should be using Google AdWords

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