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Client: My School Appeal
Sector: Legal
Service: Google Adwords

My School Appeal is run by John Walker, a specialist education law solicitor recognised in the Legal 500 as ‘having a wealth of experience’. In his own words, John has provided the following incites and information.

Having spent a couple of years, and hundreds of pounds on Adwords I was fortunate to be given contact details for Key Principles. My Adwords spend was pretty much unchecked and seemed very variable. I had inadvertently set up a number of campaigns, some of which were bidding against myself.

Now I know that every pound spent on Adwords is a pound well spent and targeted. This year the success has been so great that I have reduced my Adwords spend by hundreds of pounds and have had the ads taken down for days at a time as I could not manage the volume of high quality leads.



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“Every pound spent on Adwords is a pound well spent and targeted” John Walker



I wanted to make sure that the money I was spending was really driving new clients into the business. I wanted to secure a stream of quality prospects, rather than having enquiries from people with a connection to the issue, but whose queries were often generic or off beam.

My budget with Adwords was increasing, with more expensive pay per click phrases, but with no improved return.

Prior to Key Principles involvement with the campaigns I was getting work and enquiries, but nothing prepared me for the deluge I received once the well-researched and put together Adwords campaign was set up.

Why did you come to Key Principles?

I knew that the using Adwords was costing more, and it seemed to be becoming more complicated. The realization came on a social media and SEO training course – I didn’t need help to do these things, I needed someone to do it for me. The time I was wasting on Adwords and associated SEO was time taken away from my business and earning capacity. Luckily a good recommendation put me in touch with Jackie from Key Principles who turned my campaign around in a matter of days.

What challenges did you face trying to use Adwords?

As someone who has a web based legal advice practice, and who has experience of developing software products I really felt that Adwords would be a simple task that I could do myself. It has been an expensive lesson to learn that, as with so many things, expert advice is well worth the money in the short and long term.


How Key Principles Helped

A campaign was set up in April 2015 with a focus on school appeals by county. Before the campaign went live, Key Principles ensured that conversion tracking was implemented to enable tracking of the leads generated, and also to ensure efficient and effective optimization of the campaign moving forward.

Campaigns were running prior to Key Principles being instructed, but were not being optimized. A completely new campaign was set up with the aim of increasing conversions or instructions whilst reducing spend with Google.

“Taking expert advice is something I recommend to my clients, taking expert advice when it comes to Adwords is something I recommend to colleagues. Jackie and Key Principles have increased my business turnover whilst decreasing my advertising cost on a month by month basis. I could never achieve what these guys do. Worth every penny.”   John Walker

My School Appeal

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The impact of the new Adwords campaigns was felt with the very first round of school admissions dates. The campaign has now been running for over a year with pauses as required.
As no conversion data was provided previously, I can only say that my practice shifted not by a gear, but was transformed by the input from Key Principles.

Costs have reduced year on year by over a quarter; 26%.

Click through rates have improved from 0.38% to 4.44% and will continue to improve with the regular optimization work.

Over 100 conversions have come through the website since tracking was set up and literally hundreds of enquiries have been taken.

“Using the service provided by Jackie and Key Principles is a game changer. I spend less every month, but have many times more quality enquiries. The input from Key Principles has transformed my practice.”  John Walker, My School Appeal

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