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Sublime Science appointed Key Principles to review, manage and optimise their online advertising. It was agreed that the Facebook Advertising needed to be reviewed as a priority as cost per enquiry was increasing, as was the frequency (the average number of times a person saw an ad). With two services to promote, there were two target markets: 

  • Science birthday parties to parents
  • Science workshops to teachers

The previous campaigns promoting these services were not hitting the cost per lead targets required to generate an ROI. 


Key Principles followed their proven process for Facebook Advertising and reviewed the audiences, the creative and the settings within the Facebook Advertising interface. The work completed by Key Principles produced the results shown here.

Results shown are before and after Key Principles began managing Facebook Advertising for the client.


  • 56% increase in website traffic 
  • 52% reduction in parties cost per enquiry
  • 80% reduction in schools cost per enquiry
  • 300,000+ people reached per month 

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