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Piab provides smart solutions for the automated world, helping thousands of end users and machine producers in e-commerce logistics, food, pharmaceutical, automotive and other manufacturing industries to improve energy-efficiency, productivity and working environments. Their challenge was to generate more leads and sales using Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). They had been trying to do this in-house. Back in July 2014 Piab’s UK division contacted us for help.  


Working with Piab HQ in Sweden, we firstly implemented tracking so that we could start to measure enquiries generated from the advertising, as well as ensure we were achieving a return on investment. New campaigns were set up which immediately generated more enquiries at a lower cost per enquiry, and budget allocation was increased after 10 months. Piab UK introduced Key Principles to Piab Germany in 2015 and Piab France in 2019. We now work with each division, developing, managing and optimising campaigns in the three languages; English, German and French. 


  • Expanded Google Ads Search as campaigns proved profitable 
  • Services provided to Piab Germany and France also
  • All key metrics well above industry benchmarks; overall click through rates and conversion rates above 10%

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