Kristy Ellis Personal Training

Kristy Ellis Personal Training Chelmsford was set up by Kristy Ellis in February 2016 as a result of an exciting move to the Chelmsford area.

Kristy Ellis Personal Training Chelmsford came about as Kristy made the move from Nottingham to Chelmsford. With a successful personal training studio in Nottingham, Kristy was confident, although a little anxious, about setting up a new studio in Chelmsford with limited knowledge of the area and no clients locally.

Fortunately Kristy took the advice of her web developer and a business colleague and decided to try Google Adwords with experts; Key Principles.

Enquiries and bookings came in from Adwords as well as other activity, and studio rental costs were covered from the start.

Within four months, Kristy was reaching capacity and made the decision to bring in an extra trainer. Kristy only needs two or three more client to be at capacity herself and is now building the business with another trainer already shadowing Kristy.

“Moving to Chelmsford from Nottingham, I’d been advised that I’d need Adwords experts to help grow the new business quickly. A recommendation from a business associate led me to get in touch with Key Principles. I’m so glad I did! Key Principles has made a massive difference. They’ve really helped me build the business in Chelmsford fast.”

Kristy Ellis

Kristy Ellis Personal Training


I have a successful personal training studio and business in Nottingham which I started following three years working at a gym in Nottingham. I didn’t need to consider Adwords as many clients came with me when I set up my own studio.

However, I knew setting up a brand new personal training studio and being new to the Chelmsford area was going to be a bigger challenge.

The studio in Nottingham gave me the confidence to set up in Chelmsford, but I was still concerned and worried about starting afresh and having the outlay of a studio and no clients on the books!

My first challenge was to get some clients and cover the studio costs. I’d been advised to look at Adwords and I was referred Google Adwords experts; Key Principles by one of their existing clients.

How We Helped

Two campaigns were set up for Kristy Ellis Personal Training Chelmsford in February 2016 with a clear focus on the Chelmsford area and ‘personal training’ type keywords.

Key Principles was aware that being effectively a new start up, the campaigns needed to be set up within a strict budget and the campaigns were developed with this in mind.

Working with Kristy and Kristy’s web developer, Key Principles helped to develop a new landing page, as well as revise the home page, to ensure the maximum number of enquiries online.

“It has grown more quickly than I expected. I’m surprised and pleased with the growth. Key Principles has most definitely helped with 70% of my clients coming from the Adwords campaigns they set up. Jackie and Terri at Key Principles have been really helpful; always available answering any questions or queries, and helping me to keep on track. I’m really pleased with their service; they are really good at what they do.”

Kristy Ellis

Kristy Ellis Personal Training

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The impact of the new Adwords campaigns was felt quickly with 12 enquiries online in the first month, with some bookings and money coming in too.

As with any small business you have to cover your costs and Kristy did from the beginning; covering the studio rent costs as soon as they kicked in.

Since the campaigns began Kristy has received 45 enquiries online from the Adwords campaigns and 70% of her long term clients have come from Adwords.

By June, after just four months, Kristy was confident enough with the business progress to bring in another personal trainer to help with some of the evening training sessions.

A second trainer is already shadowing Kristy and will cover holidays as well as take on additional training sessions moving forward.

Kristy explains, “I only want to take on two or three more clients myself. We will continue with the Adwords activity to bring in new clients for the new personal trainers I’m bring into the business. Knowing that I can get regular enquiries and new clients from Adwords is really giving me the confidence to grow the business. Adwords with Key Principles is definitely worth it. I’m aiming for up to four personal trainers at the Chelmsford studio. Chelmsford better watch out – we’re here to get you fit.”

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