When it comes to AdWords agencies, we’ve used a few but none are quite like Key Principles. If you want to work with an agency that really wants to help you grow your business, that will take the time to understand exactly what you need and will do what is needed to make it work, then Key Principles is the agency for you. They are responsive and committed to getting the results. With numerous locations to serve Key Principles has found a way to manage the budgets, and the locations, that mean we can now grow our business further knowing they will be there to help.

Paul Turner

Sales & Marketing Director, Independent Hearing Professionals Limited

Jackie and her team at Key Principles have played a vital role in ensuring J-Flex has a clear and visible presence online. Our website continues to be the dominant source for new customers; backed up with focused SEO, targeted AdWords search and remarketing campaigns plus award-winning social media posts, it’s no wonder! In addition, MetricMail, the email marketing software Jackie introduced us to, allows us to easily compose customised newsletters to keep clients up-to-date with our latest news and product developments. It’s hardly surprising to hear that our European customers refer to us as “the marketing machine”.

Sam Kirk

Marketing & Communications Manager, J-Flex

We are very pleased with the service and support given by Key Principles. Naturally we were nervous venturing into the world of paid advertising for the 1st time since launching our ecommerce store in 2009, and it only took 7 years! Key Principles were understanding of our concern and suggested an “ease in” approach which we were very happy with. Almost 2 years on and our campaigns have naturally evolved and we now spend in excess of £3000 per month on our Google advertising alone, suffice to say our turnover has increased by 76% as a result. Key Principles constantly monitor the performance of our campaigns, and not only adjust them accordingly but also suggest how we can enhance them. We are now embarking on a roadmap to introduce remarketing campaigns along with Facebook advertising. We now see using paid advertising vital in growing the business, and see Key Principles as the ideal partner to carry that forward with.

Oliver Hallows

Director & Aftersales Manager, Volvo Parts Shop

“Jackie at Key Principles has looked after our Adwords campaign and assisted our web designer in making sure that PWR Property Consultants maintain a presence on page 1 of the Google searches for letting agents in Nottingham and Mansfield for a few years now and has also assisted in the redesign and delivery of our current website.  Jackie has a very personable approach, provides good value for money and keeps abreast of changes in the SEO arena, to make sure that we maintain our online presence.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Simon Perkins

PWR Property Consultants

“Trying to deal with my own Google Adwords campaigns was becoming a time consuming and costly exercise so I asked Key Principles to take a look for us. Key Principles quickly turned my campaigns around to get better quality scores, more clicks and cut my Adwords bill by 80%. I can’t recommend Key Principles highly enough.”

Paul Evans

Butler Evans

“Jackie really is an expert in her field. From SEO to pay-per-click, her knowledge and understanding of how search engines work is extensive. She knows how to get results for your business and delivers training and strategies that really work. Her input and advice have been invaluable for us in creating a website that people want to visit. I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie at Key Principles to anyone who’s serious about expanding their online presence.”

Kate Tyler

Shake Social

“When it comes to email marketing, Jackie at Key Principles has been instrumental in helping us to really get the best out of MetricMail and email marketing in general. Whether it is coming up with new email ideas or improving a subject line, Jackie has been a real help.”

Denise Parkinson


“Moving to Chelmsford from Nottingham, I’d been advised that I’d need Adwords experts to help grow the new business quickly. A recommendation from a business associate led me to get in touch with Key Principles. I’m so glad I did! Key Principles has made a massive difference. They’ve really helped me build the business in Chelmsford fast.”

Kristy Ellis

Kristy Ellis Personal Training

“Taking expert advice is something I recommend to my clients, taking expert advice when it comes to Adwords is something I recommend to colleagues. Jackie and Key Principles have increased my business turnover whilst decreasing my advertising cost on a month by month basis. I could never achieve what these guys do. Worth every penny.”

John Walker

My School Appeal

We brought Key Principles on board at the start of 2017 to help us grow our Tipi Weddings business. We knew competitors were using AdWords to generate leads and I simply didn’t have the time to get to understand the AdWords system, so we asked Jackie and the team at Key Principles to help us generate more leads online using AdWords. Besides sorting out tracking with our web developer, which has really helped to identify what marketing activity is working and what isn’t, we’ve also seen a significant increase in enquiries and bookings; our business has grown by 28% from 2016 to 2017. The AdWords campaigns have generated over 100 enquiries in the first 12 months, and following a recommendation from Jackie, we’ve also added Bing Ads which has generated enquiries at a lower cost per conversion. We’ve also promoted our open days and showcase events with AdWords and Bing Ads and this has worked really well. We’re getting enquiries coming through on a regular basis which means we can plan for growth with more confidence. Jackie and her team are always there if I have any queries, and I’ll often speak to them on related matters such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They always seem to be able to help and make all things Google seem more straight forward.

Jodie Bidder

Events Director, Sami Tipi

Piab have been working with Key Principles since July 2014 in the UK and subsequently with other Piab AB companies as a result of the positive improvements in our search engine results and Google AdWords campaigns. Key Principles have always focused on understanding our business and our strategic growth objectives, and in turn provided additional ideas on how we can develop the lead generation activity. They helped us address overspend with Google and optimized our return on this investment which in turn contributed very positively to our double-digit business growth in 2017.

In 2018 we will increase our activity on adword campaigns with Key principles adding divisions, whilst reducing our current spend on less productive areas of marketing such as magazine advertising.

Mark Grainger

Country Manager UK/Ireland, Piab

I have found the team at Key Principles to be knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They have helped me to run a Facebook ad campaign that has increased traffic to my website and is now resulting in clients booking appointments with me.  If you want to advertise your services online effectively then I recommend you speak to Key Principles.

Claudine Jackson

Estate Planning Consultant, Just Wills & Legal Services

“Turnover increased by 22% with the Adwords campaign easily paying for itself. The campaigns worked so well that we’ve continued with the campaigns ever since the initial set up. We’ve also increased the use of Google Adwords by extending the campaign to include additional services beyond the Apple product repairs. Key Principles has helped us grow our business, generating leads and sales for us. They obviously know what they are doing; they’re real experts and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business that wants to grow.”

Marcus Nelson


“I was recommended Jackie at Key Principles and have been very pleased with the help she has given us so far. We have real ambitions to grow and Jackie has helped us move our business forward. From an initial marketing strategy and plan to redevelopment of our website, to Google Adwords, direct mail and telemarketing, as well as social media, Jackie has helped us with all our marketing requirements. Excellent service and really easy to work with.”

Chris Messon

Lime Circle

“I have worked with Jackie for a number of years and as soon as I took on the role of Head of Marketing for ASM Technologies, my first phone call was to Jackie to help with our email marketing – that is how highly I think of Jackie and the services she has provided for me. MetricMail is quick and very easy to use and the range of reports ideal for when I need to justify ROI on my campaigns. Jackie is an expert in her field and is always suggesting new ideas and ways to maximise response rates for my email marketing campaigns. Jackie will continue to be a key part in my marketing activity, providing an excellent service, great value for money and great fun to work with. I can’t recommend Jackie enough”.

Zach Smith

ASM Technologies

“We’ve updated our website this year and we’re currently looking at a German version of the website. Jackie at Key Principles has helped us manage the project, provided SEO expertise and helped with site structure, copywriting and has even provided guidance on the best way to SEO the German website. We’ve worked with Jackie for a number of years and would definitely recommend her to other companies wanting to grow their business.”

John Kirk


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