Business Insurance Consultants Use Google AdWords To Grow

Client: Butler Evans
Sector: Business Insurance
Our Service: Google Adwords

Back in early 2011, Paul Evans of Butler Evans was referred to Key Principles to help with their marketing strategy and plan. This led Butler Evans to use Google Adwords in the highly competitive business insurance market.

Knowing just how expensive Adwords would be for business insurance, we worked with Paul to develop campaigns that targeted less competitive niche sectors such as ‘solicitors indemnity insurance’, ‘insurance for recycling companies’ and ‘motor fleet insurance’. This meant that overall costs were reduced, the cost of a click became more reasonable and quality leads were generated for Butler Evans.

Paul had been running his Google AdWords campaign himself but felt he needed to bring in some experts. Commenting on how Key Principles helped, Paul said, “Trying to deal with my own Google Adwords campaigns was becoming a time consuming and costly exercise so I asked Key Principles to take a look for us. Key Principles quickly turned my campaigns around to get better quality scores, more clicks and cut my Adwords bill by 80%. I can’t recommend Key Principles highly enough.”

At Key Principles our aim is to work in partnership with our clients and help clients reduce their advertising costs with Google, whilst maximising lead generation.

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