Are you considering joining Google+ in order to promote your business or want to grow your social media presence? You might be holding back on joining Google+ because you think it’s not as popular as other social networks, but this post might actually surprise you.

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What is Google+?

Google+ is the fastest EVER growing Social Media site. It gained 25 million users in its first month and over 70% of Business Brands are already on it.  Google+ allows you to have a profile which can connect with friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. It enables you to post messages, videos and photos to your connections. You can set up a business page once you have set up your profile page. 

6 Reasons to use Google+


1. Why fight Google?

Yes Facebook has more current users, but Google is still the number 1 most visited website with an enormous 1 billion views a month! There is no doubt that they want their social media platform to grow. There is no stopping their mission, so hop on board and enjoy the perks.

2. SEO Rewards

If you use Google+, Google will reward you with a higher SEO ranking. By having the +1 button on to your website or product this will help integrate and promote your company on the Google search pages and put you ahead of your competitors. As well as this, any post made on to your Google+ page could appear as a Google search result, we are already seeing this for a number of clients.

3. Google Hangouts

Unlike other social networks, Google+ allows users to host live video conferences with their connections. This is great for businesses that want to have strong communication with their customers. It can be used for a wide range of reasons such as a product launches, Questions and Answer sessions, How-Tos, etc… Some businesses are even using Google Hangouts to deliver their service online, e.g. guitar lessons.

4. Complete Integration

Google+ allows complete integration with all other Google applications such as Maps, Reviews, Shopping, Gmail and YouTube.  So if you or your customers already have a Google shopping account or YouTube account, it makes sense to integrate it all together.

5. New Customer Pool

Due to the above point (complete integration), it has meant that Google have managed to attract more customers, which would have otherwise never have attempted to use social media before. This means that you can communicate and engage directly with a new customer pool, something you may have never been able to do without the helpful hand of Google+.

6. Circles

Google+ allows you to categorise your connections based on their relationship with you. This means that you can post specific content depending on who you want to communicate with. This makes it easier to control and manage what you are posting and who sees it.

Google+ is simply not something you or your business can afford to miss out on. Something that you can be sure of, is that Google+ will carry on growing and if you don’t join them now, your competitors will. So go on, log in and find yourself a brand new audience that Google will reward you for.

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By Laurie Caumette

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